There is no right way to take on a tour. But there is nothing wrong to do it in style. To go in a foreign land and look for a driver or a guide is an old tradition. Nowadays, you just hire. Yes, there are lot of possibilities that makes hiring a car a better decision than looking for a tour guide.

The idea is to go around the city at your own comfort and pace, without being pestered by anyone else schedule. And this is very much possible, even in countries as posh as Dubai, the idea of comfort traveling gets redefied by car rentals. Yes, the very thing that means hire a car at your comfort and enjoy.
It depends from person to person on how they like to travel. It depends on their style. Will they be comfortable renting a simple economic car to roam around, go all wild and take a cruise. How? The luxury car rental dubaimakes it possible to go in style. Now, the question is how to rent a luxury car in Dubai?
Thanks, to the World Wide Web, there is no detail concealed from google. If you search like luxury rent a car in Dubai, it will show all the top car dealers in the place. Starting from economy to go subtle, to the wild options like Ferrari, Lamborghini, SUV. You name it, they have it.
Just understand the process before you do so. There are certain documents like starting with most important driving license, then passport, visa, credit cards, debit cards, etc. These are just the basic necessities that are needed to verify your identity. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So, carry all the documents and get on the Dubai diaries.