This really is the full evidence manual for redeeming your Tez tokens with the Tezbox pocket, you’ll find just a few things you require to learn about. Stick to the straightforward steps to find the tokens by the Tezbox fundraiser login.

Methods From Step Information:

You need to do exactly the Exact Same as mentioned previously,

● Visit the website and just click the’on Betanet’ option. It can redirect you to a webpage, be careful that the URL contains https.

● Nowadays you’ve got to press on’I accept’, then tap on the revive tezbox option.

● Nowadays you’ve got to start the fundraiser wallet solution, that you have to fulfill out your own details along with do the Tezbox Ico restore.

● Restore the tezos by clicking the option, today it has transferred to your tezos wallet speech.

● At some time of recovery, you want to go into the password that you’ve got to input to access the wallet or you should do everything .

It is possible to easily redeem your Tez tokens with this particular method.

Things You Have To Know More about the Tokens with This Particular Measure

Tezbox offers an Awesome service Nevertheless, You Should Take care of a few Things such rather than landing on a fake page, treat the URL. It has to have https and also you shouldn’t trust any third party internet site with this.

Make Certain You Do the procedure as mentioned previously to perform the items According to the steps mentioned previously. It is needed that you have a personal web connection yourself to use.