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You may be wondering how the two-way method helps in increasing the number of selections, which helps in reducing your viewing time and costs. Simply put, the difference in pricing structures for the two options means that the site operator compensates for the increased amount of traffic on its site. It is estimated that roughly three million women in Malaysia alone watch the popular Telugu series, starring Kumar Sanchin and Yaphet Kallang. The show has become very popular among women in their 30s and up. Many of the viewers are said to be active and well educated, as they watch the show in the comforts of their flats after work or late at night.

The story revolves around a rich young girl named Dimanamereka who lives a carefree life in Kuala Lumpur. All of a sudden, she falls ill and is taken to a hospital. In her last moments, she informs her mother that she wants to meet her secret admirer. To her surprise, her mother sends her away to a mysterious man whose house she happens to visit. The only clue to the man’s identity is his initials, which resemble those of the TV star dimana mereka.

Years later, Dimana’s best friend Mina takes her to the TV studios to give her a talk show audition. Mina informs Dimana about a production company that is in town and aims to produce a whole genre of shows centered on women. The two girls are thrilled to hear that Mina is going to be a presenter of the new show, but Dimana’s excitement begins to wear off when she realizes that the show won’t be broadcasted live. Shortly thereafter, she receives a call from her good friend Manda who tells her that the production company was filming a reality program in a local hotel and asked her to attend the session.

With the help of her friend Manda, Dimana gets herself introduced to the other members of the production team and is introduced to the show’s director. Although she initially feels nervous due to her illness, she soon gets to know her fellow co-hosts well and by the end of the episode, she’s hooked. Shortly thereafter, she is given an assignment by the show’s director wherein she will be tasked to go to Malaysia and represent Klix TV a Kanchan, a type of channel that features music videos. At first, Dimana isn’t sure whether she wants to go to Malaysia or not, since she has always dreamed of becoming a star like Mariah Carey. However, she is persuaded to go by Manda who refers her to a klix producer who will introduce her to the klix network.