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The halving of Bitcoin halving has become a daily topic for millions of users. Since being part of Bitcoin mining, millions of people are interested in the business. But you must know the rules of the Reduction; then they will present them to you, there are only two and thus achieve better quality knowledge.
• Rule 1: Bitcoin must be limited to 21 million BTC.
• Rule 2: Every 210,000 blocks are added to the blockchain, thus obtaining an incredible 50% reward.
It was necessary for the experts to create these rules, for greater security of the Law and Demand, since they create Bitcoin and BTC quickly. It is very necessary because it could lose all its value, and it would be very bad for the Bitcoin business. Reduction occurs every four years, and since then, they have shown incredible effectiveness for all users, including you.
For November 2012, there were two reductions; then, in July 2016 and already for this year, it will be for May. It is Bitcoin halving 2020 trend, they have talked a lot about this topic for several days, take the opportunity. Also, it is necessary that you also find out, that this Reduction has different variables for you, to obtain an optimal result.
The first Reduction in half of BTC was not very successful, since they did not know the result it would give, but the second in 2012, if it was worth it. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about Bitcoin halving; it is a very valuable and interesting topic around the world. Be part of the wonderful Change NOW team right now; you will be happy with the results; they guarantee it.